GOV Wood’s Fruit baskets category includes an amazing variety of fruit serving platters and baskets for the customers. Unique and stylish, storing your fruits in these multi-layered fruit stands helps you make a great impression on your guests.

Made from the best quality dried willow twigs, each stand is hand-knitted into a basket-styled platter that has two tiers for storing fruit and other dry food items.

Suitable for parties, picnics, birthdays, and routine everyday usage, the fruit stand is coated with lacquer and can be washed with water.

Available in natural wood color, you can use this fruit stand for other decorative and storage purposes as well.

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Fruit stand – small

25.00  incl.VAT

The basket stand is handmade. It was made by talented willow twigs. Its dimensions are 350 x 350 x 350 mm. It is painted and can be washed under running water. The stand serves to serve fruit in two levels. It is suitable for parties, picnics, birthdays.