Catering to the diverse needs of our valued customers, we design, manufacture, and provide premium quality wooden products for you. Our focus is to fulfill all types of requirements and help you live a life of convenience, comfort, and eco-friendly prominence.

In our other wooden products for you category, we have included a huge variety of natural wood products handmade by our skilled artisans with the finest raw materials.

From Christmas and New Year decorations to computer stands and faucets to door handles and jewelry boxes, we have a wide variety of miscellaneous items to offer customers from every age group and background.

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Christmas New Year decoration

1.00  inc. VAT

Christmas New Year decoration is made of plywood.
The products are laser designed.
There are several different shapes available and we use them for decoration.
Tie a string to the pendant and hang it on a spruce tree, window, door ...

Computer and book stand

18.90  inc. VAT

Stand is made from naturally dried maple wood.
Its dimensions are 350 x 280 mm and it is uncoated.
The stand has three possible height adjustments.
You can also use it for your computer, book, magazine, newspaper.

Door handle – mouse

5.00  inc. VAT

The handle is made of naturally dried beech wood. Its dimensions are 215 x 35 x 85 mm and it is free of coating. The front of the wedge under the door is thin. He is reinforced towards the back The mouse has wood ears, black nose and mustache and eyes. The rope is easier to transfer to the wedge. You can also hang it on a hook and you always have it at your fingertips.

Dormouse trap

9.90 18.90  inc. VAT

The dormouse trap is made from naturally dried elm wood and stainless steel.
We use it to catch dormice.
Insert an apple into the trap or hole of the trap, which is 55 mm in diameter, stretch the trap and place it on a tree.
The trap can also be used to catch mice, voles.


16.90  inc. VAT

Faucet is made by hand from naturally dried walnut wood. Their dimensions are 50 x 50 x 210 mm. Pipa is intended for use and oiled.

Gift box for bottles

8.90  inc. VAT

Gift box for bottles is made from naturally dried spruce wood,
and plywood - poplar.
Its dimensions are 95 × 90 × 380 mm.
We use it as a gift.

Gift set – years

8.90  inc. VAT

Gift set is made of plywood - poplar.
There are also two glass jars in the set.
The set is intended for a birthday present.

Jewelry box

14.90  inc. VAT

Jewelry box is made from naturally dried walnut wood.
Its dimensions are 270 × 75 mm.
The box is glued, nicely shaped and oiled.
We use it to store jewelry.

Price list

2.90  inc. VAT

The base is made of naturally dried beech wood. Its dimensions are 120 x 60 x 50 mm. In the middle there is a notch in which price lists, advertisements get stuck. The base is without coating. On request, it can be varnished or painted, and the space is also for the logo.