The traditional and original Slovene-designed Wooden Salami Slicers, are great for cutting various types of processed meat products like salami, sausages, hams, and hard cheeses. Efficient and durable, this amazing product makes your food preparation process quick and simple.

Made from the best combination of various types of high-standard woods, it functions with a stainless steel blade that is easy to clean and maintain.

Handmade with great precision and superior craftsmanship, the Wooden Salami Slicer is the perfect way to shape your dry-cured meat for serving and cooking.

You can choose between 3 different wood varieties and product options including oak, cherry, walnut, and mini.

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Wooden meat slicer

28.90  incl.VAT
Wooden meat Slicer: Durability and Versatility The wooden meat slicer is crafted from hard beech wood, ensuring strength, durability, and

Wooden salami slicer

43.90 54.90  incl.VAT
Wooden Salami Slicer: Quality in Three Types of Wood Our wooden salami slicer is made from high-quality and carefully naturally