General Terms and Conditions Webshop Gov-Holz are prepared in accordance with the Consumer Protection Act (ZVPot), with recommendations GZS and international codes for e-commerce. An online store is an information system designed to present and sell products to the user. Operated by the company Holzprodukte Vilma Govže SpA based company at Susje 34, 1310 Rayon, below sellers. The user is the person who uses our system, ie the buyer in the online store. When registering in an online shop, the visitor receives a username that is identical to the email address that he himself identifies in his profile and password. The username and password of the user are uniquely determined and linked to the completed data. After registration, the visitor becomes the user and acquires the right to buy. The terms and conditions govern the operation of the Gov-Wood online shop, the rights of the user and the business relationship between the provider and the buyer.

Service, customer is required to always provide the following information: the identity of the company, address, essential characteristics of goods or services, availability of products, delivery of the product or service execution, all prices are clearly and clearly defined, payment method and delivery time of the tender the period within which it is possible to withdraw from the contract and conditions for the withdrawal and explains the procedure of the appeal, including details of the contact person or a department for contacts with customers to withdraw.

1. Payment by invoice

Payment by pro forma invoice, issued by the company on order of the customer. The goods will be sent to the business account of the Company only after receipt of payment and will not be issued at the time of confirmation of the customer’s payment. The buyer has no additional postage when paying the bill.

2. Cash on delivery

Payment by cash on delivery of the ordered products to the chosen address.

3. by Paypal

If you do not have a PayPal account, you can pay with a card (Mastercard or Visa).

The Bidder issues to the Buyer an invoice on a durable medium, with costs and instructions as to how they may, if necessary and possible, withdraw from the purchase and the articles.

The purchase contract (order) is stored electronically on the server of the provider and is available to the customer at any time in his user profile (My Profile).

The listed prices in the online shop are irrevocable and only valid when ordered over the internet. For some products, price variations may occur in the online store and in other shops in Slovenia. Prices are for payment with the above mentioned payment methods, subject to the conditions mentioned above. All prices in the online shop contain 22% ddv.

Customer orders and accounts are stored in the company headquarters and are available to the customer on written request. The request for a duplicate can be sent by the buyer in writing to the address of the company or to the e-mail address

The deadlines for the validity of the campaign are stated on the offer itself, which may differ from each other.

How can I make a purchase?

You select the desired product and the quantity of items in the shopping cart by clicking on the “Add to Cart” button. When you click on the shopping cart in the upper right corner of the page, select the “Checkout” link, where you enter your information and place an order.

If you have problems managing your online store, please contact us at, where you will send us the selected products and the quantity, the method of payment and your personal delivery information and we will send you an order.

Accepted order: After submitting the order, the customer will receive a message by e-mail that the order has been accepted. At this step, the buyer has the opportunity to cancel the order within one hour.

Order Confirmed: If the buyer does not cancel the order, the order will be processed for further processing when the bidder checks the order, verifies the availability of the ordered items and confirms the order or rejects a reason. To verify data or to ensure accuracy of delivery, the service provider may call the customer at his contact telephone number. Through the e-mail, the buyer informs the buyer about up-to-date information regarding the delivery of goods.

Shipped dispatch: The tenderer prepares, ships and distributes the goods in an agreed manner and informs the buyer accordingly. The provider of this e-mail also informs the buyer about the right of return of the goods, where he can contact you in case of a delay in delivery and can contact the complaint.

In the case of distance or off-premises contracts, the consumer has the right to inform the company of the contract within 14 days of withdrawal, without having to indicate the reason for his decision.

The consumer must return the goods to the company within 14 days after written notification of the consumer’s withdrawal from the purchase by paying the direct costs of the refund. A copy of the order must be attached. The costs for the return of the goods are borne by the buyer.

In the event of withdrawal, the Company must repay all payments received without delay, but no later than 14 days after receipt of the declaration of withdrawal.

An entity returns payments received to the consumer using the same payment method as the consumer, unless the consumer has specifically requested the use of another form of payment and the consumer is free of charge

Here you can claim the withdrawal from the contract. PDF is canceled

The consumer may assert his rights due to a material defect if he notifies the seller of the defect within two months of discovery of the defect. In the error notification, the consumer must describe the error more accurately and allow the provider to check the article.

The error message can be personally communicated to the seller by the consumer, the seller must issue the certificate or send it to the store where the product was purchased or to the representative of the seller with whom the contract was concluded. The seller is not liable for actual defects of goods, which occurred after two years since the delivery of the goods.

It is assumed that the mistake of the things existed at the time of delivery if it occurs within six months of delivery. The rights of the consumer referred to in paragraph 1 expire two years from the date on which he informed the seller of the factual error.

Delivery times are expressed in the number of working days, namely 2-5 days from order.

We deliver the orders via the delivery service of GLS Slovenia. Before delivery, the courier of the delivery service will inform you about the contact number (which you specify when ordering).

Delivery time: Orders received by 5 pm on the business day will be dispatched the next day. If the order is paid according to the pro-forma invoice, we wait for the receipt of the transfer of the purchase price and only after receipt of the order, we will send the order.

If you have a shipping problem, please call us at 051 217 248 or write us at and we will inform you about the status of your order.

If you discover that the item or item was physically damaged, lacking content, or showing signs of opening at the time of acceptance of the item, you may claim a GLS indemnity. Do this by delivering the shipment (Packaging + Content) to GLS as soon as you notice an injury or aborted shipment no later than 30 days after receiving the shipment. Please note that you must complete the log of a damaged shipment that you also sign. Upon receipt of all necessary documents, GLS is entitled to a claim for damages. The request to GLS will be processed by the Commission and a refund or new item will be returned based on a response or approval. Together with GLS we will ensure that the compensation is resolved as soon as possible.

In addition to selling items, also offers articles about items intended for customer mutual communication to share experiences with the item. It is not allowed to ridicule and offend articles or other users on websites. Everyone has the right to his opinion. In case you disagree with someone, you should say so with a documented replica. It is forbidden to preserve religious, racial, sexual, national, political or other intolerance. Please do not use inappropriate terms and we invite you to participate positively in the quality of Internet communication. Posting links to other websites is prohibited and we reserve the right to remove such posts. Advertising, sales, commercial research without the consent of the owner of the website are not permitted and will be removed. The username and password that the user uses for the registered access are required to securely store and protect them from misuse! The users themselves are responsible for the content they write.

Moderators ensure smooth communication between users and help when needed when using the system. Moderators are content that does not conform to user behavior rules and is not allowed to be published on or remove the abusive comments at its sole discretion.

The provider uses appropriate technical and organizational means to protect the transmission and storage of personal data, orders and payments.

The Bidder undertakes to permanently protect all personal data in accordance with the Personal Data Protection Act (Official Gazette of the Republic of Slovenia No. 86/2004) and the Insurance Act. All data obtained through the website are used solely for the transmission of information material and other necessary communications.

The provider complies with the applicable consumer protection laws. Complaints and complaints can be sent by e-mail to

Within five working days, the tenderer must acknowledge the receipt of the complaint, inform the user how long he will handle it and keep him informed of the progress of the procedure. The bidder will endeavor to do his best to settle a dispute by mutual agreement.

All texts and photos on the pages and subpages of the domain belong to Vilma Govže Sp., Its partners and suppliers and may not be copied or reproduced without express permission.

Despite the effort to maximize the accuracy and timeliness of the product catalog, product information, price or delivery may change so quickly that it can not be repaired in the online store. In the event of ordering such products, the Company informs the Buyer of the changes and allows him to cancel the order, replace the ordered products or any other agreed option. We reserve the right to misprints and errors arising from accidental erroneous operation of the information and technical system of the online shop. The company is not responsible for the accuracy of the information given by the buyer.

The tenderer will not recognize any IRPS contractor responsible for resolving a consumer dispute that the consumer may initiate in accordance with Article 32 ZISRPS.

An electronic connection to the SRPS platform can be found here

The terms and conditions apply to Facebook social networking sites and Instagram and

General provisions

The organizer of the competitions is the company Lesna galanterija Vilma Govže s.p. Sušje 34, 1310 Ribnica.

Course of the raffle
The presentation and the procedure of the competition can be found on the website and / or on Facebook profile.

Conditions of cooperation

(1) Participation in the competition is not tied to the purchase.

(2) Participants shall bear all costs of participating in the Sweepstakes, including the cost of downloading data from the Internet and the cost of Internet access.

(3) The prize-winning game should not be visited by the staff and external contractors of the organizer or their close family members.

(4) An individual can approach a singles game only once.

(5) In the Christmas game running through Facebook’s social network, anyone who is part of Facebook’s social network can participate in the individual profile where the award-winning game takes place or who the “Like” button in I click on this profile. “Or” like “, unless the text of the announced raffle otherwise provides.

(6) Adult persons with permanent or temporary residence in the Republic of Slovenia can participate in the price competition. Persons under the age of 18 must have the prior written consent of their parent or legal guardian to participate in the Sweepstakes.

Rules of the raffle

(1) Participation in the raffle is deemed to be by the participant who accepts the general terms and conditions of the raffle and the conditions published on the website and / or on the Facebook profile.

(2) The date and / or the end of the competition must be announced on the website and / or Facebook page where the award-winning game takes place.

(3) If a participant loses the right to a prize, the organizer decides whether the prize is awarded to someone else or not. The participant loses the right to a prize if the organizer determines that

The participant has not fulfilled the conditions of participation

– The participant has violated the rules and conditions of the competition

– The participant does not want to fulfill the obligations of these terms and conditions, which are published on the website and / or the Facebook profile, or did not meet them in time

– in the case of applications: if the application is in any way inappropriate.

(4) In the event that the participant is drawn or chosen as the winner, he gives with the acceptance of the prize the irrevocable consent to cooperation with the organizer in relation to the inclusion of the winner for advertising or promotional purposes. Publishing materials acquired in all media (print media, websites, Facebook profiles, advertising or other media) of the organizer, co-organizer of the prize game without entitlement to compensation or payments. At the same time, he waives the right to review, approve or reject the use of the material, the editorial choice or the appearance of the material.

(1) The nature and description of the prizes are indicated in the competition text on the website and / or in the Facebook profile, where the prize competition also takes place.

(2) A single participant of the raffle may receive only one of the prizes. If a participant is drawn twice or more, he will receive the prize for which he was first drawn.

(3) A prize awarded to an individual participant is not exchangeable for any other type of prize that can be paid in cash or transferred to third parties.

Select a winner

1. The Commission, composed of representatives of the organizer, shall be responsible for the organization, implementation and monitoring of the organization of the competition and the draw of the winners.

(2) The selection of the winner takes place on the day specified in the description of the competition on the website and / or Facebook profile and at the latest within 14 days after the end of the competition at the seat of the organizer (Sušje 34, 1310 Ribnica).

(3) The organizing committee of the organizer reserves the right to choose the winner on the basis of a subjective opinion influenced by the quality of the winner’s participation in the competition.

Inform the winners

(1) The winners list will be published on the website and / or on Facebook at the latest three days after the raffle.

(2) By participating in a single competition, the participant agrees that the organizer in the event of a draw published this as a winner on the Facebook profile wall and also marked (“tag”).

(3) The prize winner will be informed of the prize if the award ceremony on Facebook is made during the day in a special announcement of the prize winner.

(4) The results of the raffle are final. The call is not possible for them.

Prices received

(1) Prices are taxed according to the income tax law. The winner is liable for the payment of personal income tax in accordance with the Income Tax Act (other income, including bonuses). The prepayment of income tax is calculated and deducted by the organizer of the competition.

(2) In order to receive the prize, the winner must provide the following personal information upon written request of the organizer: name and surname, exact address of permanent residence, place of residence. To inform about the acceptance of the prize, the winner also sends a contact telephone number. If the winner does not submit the required information within seven days of the date of the call, he loses the right to a reward without the right to compensation.

(3) The organizer must inform the winner of the prize procedure by a written invitation in accordance with paragraph (2) of this article. The prize can be sent by the organizer at his own expense to the address given by the prize winner. The award ceremony will also be held in person at the organizer’s premises at the headquarters of Lesna galanterija Vilma Govže s.p. possible. Sušje 34, 1310 Ribnica. If the item is a sensitive item (eg delicate mechanism, glass packaging, etc.) or an item that is unsuitable for safe postage due to its weight and / or size, the winners will take the item Price in person at the headquarters of the organizer. After agreement, sensitive items can also be sent by post. However, the organizer assumes no responsibility for injuries that occurred during the shipment of the package.

(4) In the event of a lost or damaged package and / or damaged contents of the package, the winner shall not be entitled to any financial, material or financial compensation.

(5) If the award winner does not accept the prize within thirty days of the public announcement of the prize, he loses the right to compensation without any claim for compensation.

(6) Persons under the age of 18 must submit a written consent of the parents or legal guardian to the organizer at the same time as the data referred to in paragraph 3 and at the latest upon receipt of the prize.

Data protection

(1) The organizer, as the operator of the personal data, respects the privacy of the participants of each raffle and undertakes to handle with care the personal data obtained during the raffle and to protect and process them in accordance with the Data Protection Act and the Privacy Policy accepted by the organizer.

(2) Without the express consent of the participants of each personal data contest, the participants will not pass them on to third parties or use them for any other purpose, only for the purpose of a successful overall performance of the competition.

(3) If the participants in the raffle agree to receive e-news from the organizer and / or co-organizer, the organizer may also forward the e-mail addresses to the co-organizer of the raffle.

(4) The organizer assumes no responsibility for the protection of data on websites that can lead to certain links on the websites, if they contain false or incorrect information from the participants of the competition.

(5) The participant of the raffle, as the operator of the collection of personal data, allows the organizer to collect the transferred personal data in order to conduct a raffle in accordance with the law on the protection of personal data (Official Gazette RS No. 86/04 and 67/07) , Personal data in the personal data collection of the winners and the purpose of their collection, processing, storage and use:

– E-mail address (for the purpose of participation in the award-winning game, drawing and submission of written invitations by the organizer for further action in case of eligibility)

– Surname and first name, address and place of residence (to identify the winner, to draw, to inform about premiums and information on prizes and reporting to the tax authorities in accordance with the applicable tax legislation in the Republic of Slovenia)

– contact telephone or GSM number (for informational problems with delivery of the price)

(6) In the management of personal data, each individual participant has the opportunity to review, copy, copy, update, correct, block and delete personal data in the personal data collection in accordance with applicable regulations.

(7) Data is stored in computer form. After the end of the need for data management or at the request of the winner, the data will be deleted.

(8) Data Users are Website Administrator and / or Facebook Profile and

responsible for providing prices.

(9) By participating in the competition, the participant agrees that the organizer may send him free general announcements about the competition by e-mail or telephone number from the third paragraph of this article. Article 8 of these General Terms and Conditions until the revocation of such consent or the fulfillment of the purpose of keeping the contact details.

Final and Transitional Provisions

(1) The participants of the raffle accept with the terms of the raffle and the terms of the Facebook community. The organizer accepts no responsibility for the participants of the raffle disobeying the terms of use of the Facebook community. It also assumes no responsibility for consequences arising from the publication of posts on the Facebook profile.

(2) The competition is not sponsored by Facebook and is not affiliated with Facebook as a company.

(3) The organizer reserves the right to amend and amend the conditions for the prize of the game if this is necessary for technical or commercial reasons or for the sake of the public.

(4) All changes and innovations of the raffle are updated by the organizer of the raffle with announcements on the website and / or Facebook profile.

(5) For questions regarding the confidentiality and use of your personal information or the desire for additional information on the competition, please contact us by e-mail or for further information on the competition, please write to the e-mail address:

In the event of changes in the rules governing the operation of online shops, privacy and other matters related to the store’s online store business and in the event of changes to its own business policy, the merchant may amend and / or supplement these terms and conditions he informs users each time in a suitable manner, in particular information about Any changes and / or changes in the terms and conditions come into force and apply at the end of a period of eight days from the publication of changes and / or additions. If it is necessary to amend and / or amend the terms and conditions in order to comply with the requirements, these changes and / or changes may exceptionally come into force and be applied in less time.

The user who does not agree to the changes and / or changes to these terms and conditions must revoke its registration within eight days of notification of the change notice and / or amendment of the terms and conditions, otherwise the expiration date will be counted and the contrary proof will not be accepted / or change the terms and conditions of the reception business. The cancellation of a registration is made by the user with a written declaration to the dealer of the cancellation.

For any questions, please contact us at

Wooden products Vilma Govže s.p.

Sušje 34, 1310 Ribnica

Registration number: 5447411000

Tax number: SI 63112396