Fanciful, elegant, and highly useful, the wooden bread boxes offered by GOV Wood are a classic combination of creative design and superior functionality.

Made from premium quality dried beechwood, these bread storage boxes are adequately sized to hold different quantities of bread while keeping them fresh, soft, and moist.

The innovative design ensures smooth air circulation that keeps the bread fresher for a longer period of time.

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Bread box natural

15.90 19.90  incl.VAT

The bread box is made of naturally dried beech wood. The bread box is intended for the storage of bread up to 1 kg. The door can be opened easily. Inside the box are grates on which bread is placed. This is how the air circulates and leaves the bread fresh longer.

Wooden Bread Box

15.90 19.90  incl.VAT
Natural Elegance for Your Kitchen – Wooden Bread Box Made of Beech Wood, Available in Two Sizes Bring warmth and

Wooden bread box

38.90  incl.VAT
Tasty storage, easy cutting – Wooden bread box with included cutting board A wooden bread box with an additional cutting