Who does not like the chirping of the birds and singing of nightingales in their gardens and homes? It is mesmerizing and enchanting, like a fairytale, where birds gather around in colorful small houses on trees and walls.

Through our lovely collections of wooden birdhouses, we provide you the opportunity to house these birds in your own homes and gardens. Designed in different styles and exterior outlooks, these birdhouses have bird feeders that attract several birds to them.

Like real houses, they have small chimneys, windows, and doors that allow birds to move in and out easily.

Available in different colors, designs, and sizes, these wooden birdhouses can add a touch of fairy magic to your very own gardens.

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Bird feeder

19.90 24.90  incl.VAT
Harmony in Garden Paradise – Bird Feeder for Bird and Aesthetic Enthusiasts A bird feeder is a wonderful addition to

Bird house

21.90  incl.VAT
Charming Bird house – Natural Elegance in Your Garden A bird house crafted from high-quality, naturally dried spruce wood is

Bird nesting box

15.00  incl.VAT
Conservation of Natural Balance: Bird Nesting Box The bird nesting box is made from high-quality dried spruce. This unique material


17.90 19.90  incl.VAT
Birdhouse – a Comfortable Home for Your Feathered Friends Our innovative and beautiful birdhouse is the perfect solution for those

Feeder for bird

12.90  incl.VAT
Natural Creativity – Charming Feeder for Bird Made of Spruce Wood Our spruce wood feeder for bird combines aesthetics and

House for bird

44.90  incl.VAT
Natural and Exclusive House for bird Discover the charm of nature in your garden with a delightful birdhouse crafted from