Our premium collection of Wooden Bowls comprises products in different shapes, sizes, and wood materials. Designed for aesthetic elegance and natural practicality, these bowls are useful for not just cooking, serving, and preparation of food but also as a decorative piece in your home interior.

Made from high-quality food grades woods, these masterpieces of superior craftsmanship are ideal for serving salads, fruits, and other types of cold food items. They are multipurpose and can be washed and cleaned easily.

Styled in a nature-grained wooden pattern, you can choose from a variety of designs to complement your overall kitchen ambiance.

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14.90  incl.VAT

A colorful bowl is made from two or more types of naturally dried cherry, oak, maple and ash wood. Its dimensions are 200 × 200 × 40 mm and it is oiled. Because it is widely made, it is suitable for decorating or storing various foods. We clean it with a wet cloth.

Bowl – beech

12.90  incl.VAT

The beech bowl is made of naturally dried beech wood. The bowl is oiled. Suitable for decorating and storing food, nuts and dried fruits. We clean it with a wet cloth.

Bowl – walnut

12.90 14.90  incl.VAT
Nature’s Elegance as the Perfect Addition to Your Table – Walnut Wooden Bowl for a Refined Touch to Your Home

Food container

11.90 29.90  incl.VAT
Natural Elegance – Exceptional Food Container Combining Aesthetics and Practicality This exceptional food container is crafted from naturally dried and

Snack bowl

12.90 19.90  incl.VAT
Wooden Snack Bowl – Charming Elegance and Functionality for Your Snacks Introducing an exquisite bowl crafted from high-quality, naturally dried

Wooden bowl

12.00 25.00  incl.VAT
Luxurious wooden bowl made from dried lime for naturally beautiful moments Our wooden bowl is handcrafted from high-quality and naturally

Wooden bowl with handles

32.90 54.90  incl.VAT

The wooden bowl is made of naturally dried lime. It is used for dry fruits and nuts. Clean it with a damp cloth.