The beginnings of the activities go back to the 2nd century BC. The masters performed the milling activity. However, since this did not bring sufficient profit, the water drive was used to turn the spindle. He brought in a piece of native wood and treated it into a useful product.

After the war, the electricity came into the house. Hobbies, as artisans called them, consisted of making plates, bowls, rolls, handles for various tools, ribbons, jewelery boxes, and household decorative items.

Cooperatives were developed in the Ribnica Valley in the 60s and 70s. Initially, it was mainly associated with farmers and later with manufacturers of wood products, which were summarized under the term “dry goods“. She helped them to buy wood, organized the production and brought orders. At the same time, products were also marketed, as demand had risen rapidly.

Slovenia’s independence has reduced the activity for a good deal. The common Yugoslavian market has collapsed. Market requirements have shown that production activity had to be expanded by trade. The commercial activity has expanded the assortment of wood products for home use and the wide consumption. Nowadays, the fourth generation is active in production, trying to actively enter the market with modern production and trade approaches. The aim of modern production and marketing is to produce and market quality and modern wood products with a touch of tradition, with which we want to satisfy every customer.